Louisville semi-truck accident: Cause revealed that left driver dangling from bridge

A semi-truck driver in Louisville, Kentucky, was stuck dangling over the side of a bridge Friday after being involved in a multi-vehicle accident, officials said. 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg said during a press conference Saturday that the woman who was rescued wasn’t physically harmed, and that she was brave and fortunate.

"Firefighter Bryce Carden was lowered from a ladder truck to the driver’s side of the rig to reach the driver," Greenberg said, adding to say that photos of the dramatic rescue have now been seen "around the world." 

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Image: Louisville Division of Fire

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Greenberg said the truck was one of four vehicles involved in the crash, which happened Friday just after 12 p.m. local time on the Roger Clark Memorial Bridge, also known as the 2nd Street Bridge. The bridge connects Louisville with Southern Indiana over the Ohio River. 

Witnesses told police that a driver hit a stalled car in the right lane, lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic to hit the semi truck. 

The impact caused the semi truck to go through the guardrail and hang off the bridge, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department. 

The woman was left dangling in her cab for 40 minutes before she was reached by a firefighter that pulled her to safety. 

Greenberg said he spoke with the woman, whose name is not being given, and that they discussed what it was like to survive a near-death experience. 

"She is well aware that she is very fortunate," he said. 

The bridge was reopened Saturday evening. 

This story was reported from Detroit.