Local reporter fired after viral tirade outside of comedy club

A Philadelphia local news reporter has lost her job after video of her behavior, and arrest, outside of a comedy club emerged on social media.

The events captured on video took place outside of the Helium Comedy Club this past Sunday night

Now, as the woman in the video faces criminal charges, those who have seen the video are left wondering what she was thinking. Meanwhile, the man who filmed the whole thing is talking about the bizarre incident.

The video shot Sunday night shows 28-year-old Colleen Campbell hurling profanities at a blistering pace after police say she was asked to leave Center City's Helium Comedy Club. Even the officer is heard pleading with her friend to take her home.

The five and a half minute video of the foul-mouthed Campbell shows her yelling and berating a Philadelphia Police Officer. The video has since hit viral status.

Things then got ugly, and she seemingly spit in the face of a worker. That's when the cuffs came out. Campbell was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault.

"She freaking exploded. A lot of f-bombs. B-bombs," Will Sylvince said. 

New York comedian Will Sylvince shot the video outside the club. He says the tirade kept up even after Campbell was arrested.

Her online bio says the Temple Journalism graduate is a journalist who has a passion for telling stories.

After the video went viral, Campbell was fired from WPHL 17 and let go from her bartending job at Devil's Den in South Philly.

As for the cop...

"That cop deserves cop of the year. I know a lot of cops and they do a good job. He definitely deserves cop of the year," Sylvince said.

A spokesperson for Campbell provided the following statement from her:

A statement from Spokesman Wayne Pollock added: