Lawyers want Christina Morris kidnapping trial moved

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Lawyers for the man accused of kidnapping a woman from a Plano parking garage want his trial moved to another part of the state.

They argue Enrique Arochi cannot get a fair trial in Collin County because of all the publicity in the year and a half-long case.

Arochi is accused of kidnapping Christina Morris as the two left a friend’s apartment in Plano in August of 2014. He is the last person seen with her on surveillance video that night, but denies knowing what happened to her.

Police said Morris’ DNA, likely from her blood, was found in the trunk of Arochi’s car.

The trial was delayed in October so that prosecutors could test hair fibers that were found in a shop vacuum cleaner at a store where he worked as a manager. It is now set for Sept. 12.

Arochi is also accused of sexually assaulting a child in an unrelated case.