Video shows chaos after plane nosedives, injures 50 people: 'Going to die'

Video filmed inside a Boeing passenger jet that nosedived suddenly and injured dozens of people shows the aftermath in the cabin as crew members cared for bleeding passengers and people still in shock.

It happened Monday on board a Chilean plane headed from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand. LATAM Airlines said in a statement that there was a "strong shake" and a "technical event during the flight which caused a strong movement." It did not elaborate on what happened, but passengers described a nose dive so steep, it felt like a roller coaster.

At least 50 people were treated at the scene for mostly mild injuries, with 13 taken to a hospital. One patient was believed to be in serious condition.

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"The plane, unannounced, just dropped. I mean it dropped unlike anything I’ve ever experienced on any kind of minor turbulence, and people were thrown out of their seats, hit the top of the roof of the plane, thrown down the aisles," passenger Brian Jokat told ABC news in Australia on Tuesday.

"Some of the roof panels were broken from people being thrown up and knocking through the plastic roof panels in the aisle ways. And there was blood coming from several people’s heads."

Passenger Max Dineley filmed his reaction to the incident and continued to film as crew tended to injured people on board. He told Storyful he was "still in shock" while recording.

In the video, Dineley turns the camera on himself, explaining there had been "mad turbulence" and that people were "bleeding and s***." Expletives are muted as people ask each other if they’re ok and react to what just happened.

"It was ludicrous how we all thought we were going to die," Dineley told Storyful. "I even recorded a video for my mum in case we didn’t make it."

Chilean aviation authorities are handling the investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.