Lakewood Church Shooting: Authorities release evidence found in shooter's home during search

Authorities have released additional information on what was found inside the home of Lakewood Church shooter, Genesse Moreno. 

As FOX 26 has been following since the deadly shooting on Sunday, Moreno was shot and killed by two officers working off duty at Joel Osteen's church, Lakewood Church, after she walked into the property and started shooting in a hallway. 

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Authorities said she also brought her 7-year-old son with her to the church. That child is said to be in critical condition after being shot in the head. 

Following the shooting, authorities executed a search warrant of her home on the 9700 block of Gulfstream.

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According to documents, the following items were found: 

- Unknown substance inside plastic bottle

- Sample of unknown substance from inside plastic bottle

- Thumb drive

- Texas driver license Genesee Ivonne Moreno

- 15 total 5.56 cartridges

- Notebook

- Two white colored bullet proof soft shelled vests

- 3 total iPads

- Magazine containing one 9mm bullet

- Three 9mm bullets and four total .22 caliber bullets

- 223 cartridge

- Apple cell phone

- HP laptop

- Green notebook

- White mask with "Free Gaza Trump"

- Printed text messages

- Notes

- Notebooks

- Notebooks

- Seven sheets of hand made poster signs

- Book titled 'All Remainers are Neo-Nazis

- EZ Pawn receipt

- Tablet

You can read the full report and search warrant information by clicking here or viewing below.