Kim Kardashian West urges Gov. Abbott to exonerate Rodney Reed

Kim Kardashian West is getting involved in the case of a Death Row inmate. 

In a series of Tweets, Kardashian West reached out to Governor Abbott urging him to reconsider Rodney Reed's execution sentence. Reed's execution date is set for November 20. 

The tweets came after Kardashian West watched a movie set to release in January called, "Just Mercy." The movie follows civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson as he fights to free a condemned death row prisoner.  

In the series of tweets, she states that the movie is  "...a true glimpse into the injustice that still happens today."  and that "Texas will execute Rodney Reed. I believe he is innocent."  

Kardashian West continued to retweet multiple organizations also fighting to free Reed.  

Reed was sentenced to death for the murder of Stacy Stites. Stites was strangled and left on a Bastrop County road in Texas. DNA recovered from her body matched Reed.

Reed's attorneys claim Reed and Stites were having a secret affair which explains the DNA. They also believe Stites' fiance is to blame for her death and that he killed her when he found out about the affair.

Since the conviction, Reed's attorneys have appealed the ruling multiple times, even introducing new evidence to the case. However, the case has not been overturned. 

Governor Abbott has yet to respond to Kardashian West or mention Reed's case since her tweets. 

Check back for more updates.

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