Ken Paxton meets with transgender Denton boy and his family

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made good on his promise and had dinner with a transgender boy from Denton and his family.

Last Thursday, Amber Briggle had Paxton and his wife over to the house for dinner.
"I will say when the doorbell rang my heart skipped a beat because it was actually really happening," she said.

Also in attendance was Briggle's husband, daughter and transgender son 8 year-old MG.

Briggle says it was an enjoyable evening. The two families seemed to hit it off. After dinner the Briggles sent the kids to bed and Amber said her piece.  

"That said it's your job as the attorney general to fight for all Texans and that includes the transgender ones that includes people like my son who are quite frankly being harmed by this litigation and these policies you're pushing forward," she told Paxton.

Briggle is referring to lawsuit filed by Paxton in July and supported by twelve other states, demanding a federal judge block a presidential mandate allowing children to use public school bathrooms that match their gender identity. In August a judge sided with Paxton and ordered a temporary block.

Briggle says the lawsuit and decision do not affect her son because of the accommodations Denton ISD has made for him. But she says as an advocate for transgender children, Paxton heard her out. She shared a little bit of the thank you note the Briggles are mailing to the Paxtons.

"We hope by spending some time with us you will remember our family especially MG when you make important decisions in the future," she said.

With the card in the mail, Amber Briggle is extending another invitation. On Sunday while attending a potluck with parents of other transgender kids, Briggle tweeted this message to the state's second in command.

"Actually Dan Patrick I''I've been trying to invite you to dinner for several months now and you are always welcome in our home we would love to see you and we'll clear our schedule whenever fits your schedule."