Keller ISD hosts forum on dangers of vaping

The state of Texas is leading a nationwide investigation into the marketing and sales tactics used by e-cigarette maker Juul.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is asking whether or not Juul targeted minors or if they made misleading claims about what's in them. He's joining AG’s from dozens of states to get those answers.

Meanwhile, the Keller Independent School District is hosting a series of forums on the dangers of vaping.

About 20 parents and students went to the education session Tuesday night.

Since last summer, health officials in North Texas have seen an increase in lung-related illnesses linked to young people vaping and using e-cigs.

“We are just trying to get on top of it,” said Keller ISD Central office administrator Marcene Weatherall. “We feel we are buried in this epidemic and we can’t keep up.”

In North Texas alone, dozens of cases have been identified. 

At the end of last year, Dallas county reported a 15-year-old with an underlying chronic condition died from complications due to vaping.

Eighth-grader Nicole Burke attends Fossil Hill Middle School in Keller ISD. Her mother, Sassie Copeland, brought her to the first of four vaping education forums the district is holding Tuesday night. 

Burke has picked up vaping as a habit and her mother wants her to quit.

“She wants me to be healthy,” Burke said. “I want to be healthy too.”

“There’s a lot of warning signs like broken charger cords. A lot of trips to the bathroom, tardy at school, mood changes is a bit one,” Copeland said.

Parents were shown different types of vaping devices and given education about current trends and consequences if young people take up vaping.

Burke said she knows the health risks and hopes to wean herself off vaping.