Jerry Elders Trial: Johnson County jurors sentence convicted killer to death

A Johnson County jury has sentenced a man convicted of killing a woman in 2021 to death.

Last week, Jerry Elders was found guilty of capital murder for killing Robin Waddell.

Prosecutors said Elders’ crime spree started when Burleson police officer Joshua Lott pulled him over for a traffic stop.

Elders shot Officer Lott. He then killed Waddell and stole her truck.

Waddell’s children testified during the sentencing phase.

"You always think you have more time and I have learned the hardest lesson that you don’t have more time," said Patricia Cook, Waddell’s oldest daughter.

"She was my answer to everything basically," added Phillip Waddell, her son. "It’s just the small things. ‘Hey Mom, I have a property tax bill. Help me.’ She guided me through life."

Elders’ jailhouse phone calls were also played for jurors during the sentencing phase. In the conversations, he mocked Officer Lott.

The defense presented several witnesses Wednesday morning in an effort to spare Elders' life.