J.J. Barea, Mavericks to have second relief flight to Puerto Rico

The Dallas Mavericks and player J.J. Barea are getting ready to send more supplies and necessities to his home of Puerto Rico.

Barea, a Puerto Rico-native, and others worked on Thursday to load the Mavericks charter plane at Dallas Love Field that owner Mark Cuban has once again lent for the relief effort.

"More water, more generators, medicine and some food,” Barea said Thursday.

The Mavericks point guard was grateful and happy to oversee preps for the second humanitarian flight within a week to his beloved homeland that continues to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Barea says he will remain in Dallas this time, unlike his trip a few days ago when he flew on the plane to Puerto Rico.

"I'm going to stay back because everything is more set up now. My wife is going to handle everything. My family and my foundation, all of those people are going to be waiting for it,” Barea said.

The flight will take off early Friday and it’s already anticipated that every seat on its return will be filled.

“The plane holds 63 people so it's going to be full on the way back,” Barea said. “Grandparents and moms with kids that want to get out and are trying to get out. We wish we could take everybody that wants to get out but we can’t, so we’ll do our best.”