‘It actually happened!’ Weather enthusiast finds the end of a rainbow

A young weather enthusiast was overjoyed when he found “the end of the rainbow” on Aug. 5.

Gabriel Berardo filmed footage of a rainbow that seemed to end on top of an antenna tower in Ontario. He posted the video on Twitter, noting that there were actually severe thunderstorms and funnel clouds in the same area just a couple of hours prior.

“There’s the end of the rainbow, guys! We have found the end of the rainbow right there,” Berardo can be heard saying in the video. “Someone said that would never happen.”

“Well, GB the Weather Man just found the end of the rainbow,” he said. “It actually happened!”

While it appears that Berardo does find the end of the rainbow, rainbows form only in a “perfect mix of sunlight and rain viewed from afar,” according to Scientific American.

If he had decided to walk any closer, the rainbow would have vanished.