Irving ISD to hold earthquake drills Wednesday

Irving ISD students will participate in earthquake drills on Wednesday.

The unusual step taken by the district is a result of the high number of quakes that have rattled the city since November, and especially in the last 48 hours.

As of midday Wednesday, there have been 11 earthquakes in the last 48 hours centered around the old Texas Stadium site in Irving.

"The safety of our students and staff is always our top priority. Like many residents, we are following the recent earthquakes that have been felt in Irving and surrounding cities," said an Irving ISD spokesperson in a statement. "In Irving ISD, we are prepared. We have earthquake procedures in place and are continuing to educate our students and staff on the proper actions to take during and after earthquakes."

Irving ISD said it would put together a video demonstrating how students should react in case of a major quake. It will then ask students and staff to participate in an earthquake drill, similar to a tornado drill.

The quake drills will then become a part of future safety drills in Irving ISD schools, like tornado and fire.

Irving ISD plans on posting the video it shows to students publicly to its YouTube channel.