Instagram model bitten by shark while posing for pictures

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An Instagram model is fortunate to still have her arm after getting bit by a shark while posing for pictures in the water on a trip to the Bahamas.

19-year-old Katarina Zarutskie was on vacation with her boyfriend and his family when locals told her about an opportunity to swim with nurse sharks, a typically harmless animal to humans unless they are stepped on or bothered.

Everything was fine when Zarutskie first entered the water. It was only when she leaned back in the water that a shark sank its teeth into her arm and pulled her under.

Zarutskie is a trained surfer and scuba diver. She credits quick thinking and staying calm to her walking away with only a bite. She was able to pull her arm away from the shark to prevent the blood from attracting more sharks.

"It's just a once and lifetime experience. To be with those animals, they are very peaceful. And to be able to be a part of their home, I was in their home and you have to respect them,” she said. “It was a big accident that happened, and it was a big learning lesson. But I don't regret it. And it's not the shark's fault. It's not my fault. It just happened."

There was a warning notice posted in the area stating visitors should swim with sharks at their own risk.