Indiana sheriff's office encourages drug dealers to rat out their competition

The sheriff's office encouraged drug dealers to rat out the fellow drug dealers to stifle their profits. (Jennings County Sheriff's Office)

An Indiana sheriff's office is offering drug dealers the opportunity to snitch on their rivals as a way to "take care of" their competitors.

"Attention drug dealers!" the Jennings County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook. "Too much competition bringing you down? Are you not making the profits you once did?"

The sheriff's office posted a form, seemingly in jest, on their Facebook page Wednesday. The form encourages criminals to submit the name of their drug-dealing competition, and what drugs they sell.

The form also asks where the competition is located, what their vehicle license plate number and state are, as well as information regarding their peak time for drug-dealing.

Drug dealers looking to rat out those in their field of work can contact, per the sheriff's office.

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