Icy Texas road causes 18-wheeler to crash into traffic light

The wintry weather left many drivers in East Texas struggling to safely navigate the roads, especially for one 18-wheeler driver.

Video posted by Kristy Boyd in Longview, Texas, on Tuesday shows several cars struggling to drive up an icy road. She captured an 18-wheeler attempt the drive and quickly figured out the driver wasn’t going to make it all the way up.

“It’s spinning! It’s spinning,” Boyd yelled on video as the big rig began sliding back down the hill. “Watch out!”

The 18-wheeler then rolled back down the road and crashed into a traffic light. A car behind it quickly backed up to avoid being hit as well.

Boyd says it wasn’t the first wreck she saw that day. She said Longview police had been out on the road all day helping stranded motorists.

No major injuries were reported.