House committee votes to ban corporal punishment in schools

Corporal punishment including spanking could soon be banned in all schools across the state. This comes after a House Education committee voted in favor of the ban this week. 

“It’s someone else’s child. They’re not yours,” said Jen Philbrook.

Some parents are outrage that corporal punishment in schools is still even under discussion.

“I’m not in favor of corporal punishment we don’t engage in spanking or hitting at home therefore I feel strongly that in an education setting it wouldn’t be something appropriate,” parent Robin Delgiorno said. 

It’s been a controversial subject for around 30 years now.

“You don’t need physical punishment involved. Kids actually learn a lot better without it,” said Philbrook. 

Every parent FOX 46 spoke to regarding the topic was completely against corporal punishment in every way.

“I mean I think most parents would not want their kids hit by another human,” Stephanie Taylor said. 

“My child is going to school to learn and be educated not to learn hitting and spanking is ok as a disciplinary way,” Delgiorno told FOX 46.

While the majority of school districts no longer allow the practice, according to the Department of Public Instruction there were dozens of instances still occurring last school year.

“I think it teaches the wrong idea. We tell them not to use or use their hands in ways that harm others and if you do that to the kid it sends inconsistent messages,” said Taylor. 

Under current law school boards have the ability to reverse their decisions and re-institute corporal punishment as long as they don't perform the act in front of other children, and parents are notified as to why.

Under the new legislation, corporal punishment would never be an option. The legislation is now going to another House committee before reaching the House floor.

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