Hometown Hero: Girl Scout Troop 3000

Girl Scout Troop 3000 in Weatherford has girls from Fort Worth, Burleson, Aledo and Burleson. It also has an honorary member with four legs: a horse named Bentley.

Troop 3000 rescued Bentley in December 2017.  Amy Coslik works at the Fort Worth Zoo.  Her co-worker told her about a horse that was in bad shape, malnourished, diseased and needed to be rescued. Amy is an animal lover. And when she saw the picture of Bentley, she said bring him to my ranch. Her daughter, Lucy, is a member of Troop 3000.

When the girls and the troop leader saw the picture of Bentley, they decided to donate $500 from their 2018 cookie sales to save Bentley's life.

Bentley's forever home is with the Coslik family and their other animals on their land.

Bentley's healthy and gets a special treat. He likes Girl Scout peanut butter sandwich cookies.  He also has a Girl Scout Brownie Troop 3000 sash he wears with pride on special occasions.

Girl Scouts will sell their cookies until the end of February.