Hometown Hero: Cleo Raymond

Cleo Raymond, 94, is a 1940 graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas. She played classical piano but grew tired of practicing for 4 hours every day.

When she was 20 she switched to the acordian and country western music.  She performed with the USO after World War II, then with Tex Ritter and was once the warm-up act for the man who would become the 36th President of the United States -- Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Miss Cleo gave up her career to become a wife and mother of two sons. When her husband died in 1984, she knew she needed to do something and she choose to volunteer at Methodist Charlton Medical Center.  This great-grandmother has been in the gift shop for almost 33 years.

Cleo Raymond has donated more than 6,000 hours, she's an icon in at the hospital and she's been named Volunteer of the Year at Methodist Charlton Medical Center. She'll turn 95 on June 9 and she sings, plays the piano and yodels beautifully!