Hometown Hero: Barbara Walker

In 2006 Barbara Walker retired as a licensed insurance adjuster. In the early years, she was one of very few women in the United States with that job. It often put her in dangerous situations and she had push back becasue of her gender. She was doing work she loved and by doing so, she knew she was helping women who one day wanted to do her job.

In 2010 she started volunteering on the front lobby deak at Texas Health Plano. She calls her volunteer service a "JOY." In good times and in bad, she's there for the patients and their families.

Her reason for picking this hospital is personal. Barbara's daughter had two children who, as infants, needed and recieved great care at this hospital. This grateful grandmother volunteers there to say "Thank You'. Both of her grandchildren are grown and healthy.

If you'd like to volunteer at Texas Health Plano log on to www.texashealth.org/volunteer