Hero DART bus driver relives frightening night of ambush shootings

On the night of the ambush shootings last summer, one brave DART bus driver used his bus to drive people away from the dangerous scene.

A year after the shootings, Donald Washington still can't bear to look at El Centro College. He is taking his vacation to avoid seeing Downtown Dallas on the anniversary of the shootings.

"It was gonna bring back not fond memories," he told FOX4's Shaun Rabb, "It was gonna bring back gruesome memories."

The 30-year driver volunteered to drive his bus and pick people up, helping diffuse a tense time between police and hecklers. Praying, he successfully persuaded people to get on to his bus.

"If God is gonna bring me in here, he's gonna bring me out and I had to trust him to do that," Washington said.

A year later, he is still fighting his demons from that night.

"Having to run from it, it's like a bad debt," Washington said. "If you don't answer your phone and face the bad debt they gonna keep calling. So in order for me to really get through it, face it. Because of course i want to run but theres no where to go,"

Washington says that wherever he looks, he is reminded of that night. He recently noticed his mother's address: 7716.