Here are some astronomical LEGO facts in honor of ‘LEGO Masters’ upcoming space-themed episode

Following last week’s amusement park-themed episode of “LEGO Masters,” this week’s highly-anticipated “Space Smash”  event aims to be an astronomical, televised brick build-off.  

If that weren’t exciting enough, actress, neuroscientist, and overall genius Mayim Bialik will use her science know-how as a guest judge, critiquing the LEGO-ized aliens, rocket ships and more. 

To get you stoked for Wednesday night’s episode, here are some LEGO facts that are simply out of this world: 

Each year, over 20 billion LEGO pieces are made

There are approximately 35,000 LEGO pieces made every single minute. That might explain why it’s so easy to step on them. 

Since LEGO began production of its iconic colorful pieces in 1932, there have been 400 billion created. If you stacked together every brick ever produced, the resulting toy tower would be 2,386,065 miles tall. 

LEGO = “Play Well”

The name LEGO originates from the Danish term Leg Godt, meaning “Play Well.” It’s actually the company’s motto. 

Every second, seven LEGO sets are sold in retail

The toy has never slowed in demand since the Danish company began making sets in 1955. 

As if these brick production efforts weren’t impressive enough, LEGO also makes 400 million tiny toy tires annually, technically making the company the largest tire manufacturer in the world. 

There are 86 LEGO bricks for every person on Earth

And for some, they have their own LEGO-ized versions of themselves. The manufacturer started basing its figurines off of notable people when it began producing NBA Minifigures in 2003. 

The plural of LEGO is LEGO

The company’s famous bricks come in over 60 different colors. This explains why it is so easy to get creative with them. 

Each piece even has its own story. On the interior of a LEGO brick is stamped a three-digit number that indicates the origin of the mold’s production line. This means that any brick could be traced back to where it was produced in the event of errors.

Watch “LEGO Masters” at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT on FOX.

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