Heat-related calls increase for MedStar during North Texas heatwave

Extreme heat has a cumulative effect on the body. So people who feel okay one day might be sick the next.

MedStar, the emergency service provider in Fort Worth, is seeing a sharp increase in heat related calls.

MedStar ambulances are now operating under extreme weather protocol.

"Any call that comes in and the patient is reported to be outside, we make that a high priority call," explained George Church, with MedStar.

Around noon Friday in Fort Worth, the temperature hovered around 100 degrees. 

"If you have a heart condition, if you’re diabetic, if you have respiratory illness this, heat will certainly make that worse," Church said. "The things to know right now are that heat-related illnesses are completely preventable. If you can avoid being out in this heat, that would be best. If you’re going to be out in the heat, try to prepare. Drink as much water as you can, sports drinks and minimize the time that you are out in the heat."

There was a call Friday about a mobile home park where a man was unconscious. 

An EMT paramedic and other crew members worked on the man inside the ambulance for several touch-and-go minutes. Before they left for the hospital, the man once again had a pulse and was stable.

Like the heat index, the MedStar call volume continues to soar.

They have reminders for everyone spending any amount of time outdoors. 

"Take frequent breaks," Church said "And if you start to feel bad, then get out of the heat."