Gusty winds cause damage in North Texas

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Severe thunderstorms that rolled through North Texas Tuesday night brought lightning, hail and strong gusty winds. As they moved across the area they left a path of damage, but fortunately no deaths.

In Euless, a Ferrari, Porsche and several motorcycles were crushed beneath a roof that was ripped off an industrial building. The man who owns the building said a tenant kept the luxury vehicles there in storage.

“I believe we had straight line winds. Blew the doors out and blew the roof off. Folded back and ended up in the parking lot between the two buildings,” building maintenance supervisor Randy Bowden.

The building housed several businesses that may now have to move in addition to the storage units.

“You got the Ferrari here. From what I understand there are only 80 of those made and then there's the Porsche over here,” Bowden said.

Down the street the roof of the Euless Guns & Ammo store was also blown off. No one was hurt and no one was inside when it happened, but police had to help secure the building while the owner and workers tried to clean up the mess.

“The alarms went off and the police department called us and told us that we’d had some roof damage. And we came up and we lost about half of our roof last night,” said Ed Lewis, the owner of Euless Guns & Ammo.

Surveillance cameras at B&B Wrecking across the street captured the blustery rain and then an explosion of white insulation as the roof tore away. The gun store owner said fortunately the metal roof covered the old flat gravel one.

“We still actually have a roof. It leaks but we still have one roof up there so the building is totally secure,” Lewis said.

In Hurst, the wind knocked over a large tree. It landed on three antique cars in Dawn Davis’ driveway. Two of them will be a total loss.

“We were standing in the front window when the storm came through and it was like slow motion. The tree just fell over onto the cars. It was just horrible. Like I said, my husband is just… these are his babies. They’re antique vehicles and we cannot replace them,” she said.