Guests rescued from Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Disneyland's fire department rescued guests from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride as one of the boats filled with water.

Footage of the Feb. 4 emergency at the so-called happiest place on Earth has gone viral.

One rider posted a TikTok reel showing the water rising in the boat. It took about an hour for the amusement park's fire squad to rescue them, the TikTok video said.

Justin James Agoncillo, who recorded the footage, said that boat was crowded with too many people, but that Disneyland cast members ignored their complaints at the start of the ride.

The vessel wasn't exactly in danger of sinking since it sits on a rail that carries it through the cavernous setting.

Agoncillo said the waterlogged patrons were given vouchers for free socks and lightning passes.