Group rallies in support of DPD's Chief David Brown

Supporters gathered at Gilley’s in Dallas Friday morning to celebrate Police Chief David Brown.

The head of the Dallas Police Department has been under fire recently from police groups. Last week they brought in national leaders to call for a change in leadership.

But Brown’s supporters – politicians, pastors and average citizens – showed up in full force for Friday’s rally. They say they are proud of the work he’s done in leading DPD. Many shook hands with him or took pictures while listening to speakers talk about his accomplishments.

Brown is in his fifth year at the help of the department. He said he was moved by the outpouring of support.

“Very humbling. Touched my heart sincerely. It’s really a very thankless job and expectation is you’ll get beat up by people who are not farcified with either your decisions or whatever happens on the streets with the neighborhoods,” he said.

Dallas Police Association President Ron Pinkston was also at the rally. He has been one of Brown’s biggest opponents.

“This isn’t about politicians. It’s not about race or religion. It’s about the next victim and we’re here to support the officers and the future victims of the city of Dallas,” he said.

Pinkston said the goal of his organization has always been a change in management style, if not leadership, to increase response times, make violent crime go down and maintain or lower attrition levels in the department.

Brown said he is talking to officers face-to-face about their concerns and has extended arms out to any and all associations about a way to move forward. He said he does not have hard feelings about the attempt to force change.