Group pays off mortgage for fallen Fort Worth officer’s family

A foundation created after Sept. 11 surprised the family of a fallen Fort Worth police officer Tuesday by paying off their home mortgage.

Officer Garrett Hull was killed while responding to a robbery in September of 2018. He left behind a wife and two daughters.

The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation picked the Hull family to be part of its “Season of Hope” campaign.

The foundation honors the sacrifice New York firefighter Stephen Siller made on Sept. 11 and now supports the families of veterans and first responders.

With its “Season of Hope” campaign, Tunnel to Towers has been giving away one home each day in December to deserving families and will continue to do so through Christmas Eve.

"We know the difference it makes – the biggest expense that anyone is going to have is their mortgage payment. This is a real relief," said Frank Siller, the foundation’s chairman.

“It’s hard to describe my gratitude. When you are going through something as difficult as losing your husband to a line of duty death, the last thing on your mind is your bills and budget,” Officer Hull’s wife, Sabrina said. “Making sure your children have their home and as much normalcy as possible is a priority. None of that could have been possible without this gift from Tunnel to Towers.”

Tunnel to Towers expects to pay for a total of 50 homes by the end of 2019.