Group calls for boycott of Martin Luther King, Jr. parade over Gov. Abbott's involvement

A group is calling for a boycott of a North Texas Martin Luther King, Jr. parade after Gov. Greg Abbott was named its grand marshal.

The annual North Texas MLK Parade and Celebration is being held in Arlington and for the first time the parade will bring together six counties, including Dallas and Tarrant. But some object to the governor's participation in the parade, arguing that many of his policies go against what king fought for.

"This is an insult to the black community, this is an insult to the King family, this is an insult to the community of North Texas that this would even be considered,” said Dominique Alexander, Next Generation Action Network.

Alexander and other opponents are calling for a boycott of the parade next Monday.

The governor's office says he still has plans to attend the parade, but so far hasn't said who extended the invitation.

Organizers of the parade say it isn't important who made the invitation and politics should not be part of the event.

Rev. Kyev Tatum, with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Fort Worth, says he and others support the governor's participation in the MLK parade.

"If you are Christian, if you are a lover of peace and justice, this weekend is all about that -- not about individual politics,” Tatum said.

Tatum said it's true they don't agree with all his policies, but shutting him out is not a way to solve differences.

Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson put out a statement Monday said that despite publicity from organizers that she was going to be in the parade, she is not and was never invited. The Dallas County District Attorney also will not attend, as she will be in a Dallas MLK parade.