Great white shark tries to steal fisherman's catch

It turns out a group of fishermen weren’t the only ones trying to catch some striped bass.

Just off the coast of Cape Code on Monday, a family from Cumberland, Rhode Island quickly realized they had some competition after hooking a big fish. While reeling in their catch, a 12-foot great white shark decided it would be its next meals.

In video, posted to Facebook by Adventure with Magellan Deep Sea Fishing Charters, the angler holding the rod attempts to reel in his catch before the shark steals it.

“Pull it fast, pull it fast … that’s a great white shark!” one of the men is heard saying.

“I told you we would catch a shark today while we were looking for stripers!” another says.

It tried a couple of times to chomp down on the bass, but it finally gave up and swam away. It left the men with the striped bass’ tail completely torn off and its skin full of bite marks.

Cynthia Wigren, the president of the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, told the Boston Globe that the shark was a great white.