Gov. Abbott announces website listing nearly 500K job openings for Texans

Gov. Greg Abbott revealed an online job-matching site that is supposed to help job seekers find positions in their area of the state.

Revealed on Tuesday, links people wanting to work with people wanting to hire. It gives information on what services are available — at no cost.

The site was created by the Texas Workforce Commission and is divided by region.

Governor Abbott says he knows Texans are eager to get back to work. He noted that some will have jobs to go back to while many will not. He's hoping an online database of available jobs will be of good use.

“We have almost half a million jobs that are waiting for you in regions across the entire state of Texas,” Gov. Abbott announced Tuesday. “There are multiple organizations that you can go to online to look for a job if you happen to live in that geographical region.”

Amazon, who has seen online sales skyrocket since stay-at-home orders went into effect, is hiring statewide.

In North Texas, Fidelity Investment is looking for job seekers with financial experience. For those in the medical field, UT Southwestern is hiring. Lockheed Martin has job openings, too.

“So that you can get back to work quickly as we do go through the process of reopening Texas for you to go back to work,” Abbott said.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is part of President Donald Trump's newly-formed Economic Advisory Council tasked with helping to reopen the American economy. Cuban answered questions from worried small business owners during a live chat on Instagram.

“If you are eligible, apply for the payroll protection program. Go to  There's money coming from the government,” Cuban said. “Even if you're an independent contractor, you're still eligible. You just have to have been in business for a few months.”

On Tuesday, the Senate approved a nearly $500 billion coronavirus bill. Most of that funding will replenish a small business payroll loan program that ran out of money last week.

Cuban suggested unemployed Texans look for with businesses that are thriving during the pandemic.

“Look at grocery stores or look at things that are selling well in grocery stores,” Cuban said. “If you can find ways to deal with the companies that are going well, that opens up the doors for you even more.”

 Cuban says he doesn’t know when the president's Economic Advisory Council will start meeting as a group. He says federal and state assistance is good but added that ultimately people need to be able to advocate for themselves.