Fort Worth ISD's girls flag football league kicks off

Some young women in Tarrant County are making history this school year.

Fort Worth ISD has started its first ever girls flag football league.

They're now one week into their season, and will compete through mid-May.

Coaches, players, and even past naysayers are rallying around Fort Worth ISD’s girls flag football.

"It is physical, it is physical. They get after it," coach John Killough said. "I was absolutely amazed at how much effort they put in, their dedication, and the fact that the fact that you can tell them to do something and they do it on a dime."

Paschal High School senior Josephine Steed talked about her journey to play in the league.

"In 4th grade, on the field at recess, I wanted to play football with the boys and they said, ‘I’m sorry, it’s a boys sport. You can’t play,’" she recalled.

Well, it’s a new day, and Steed is happy to have the first official game in the books.

"Now that the first week is over, I think we can focus on honing in on our specific skills," she said.

She cautions people to not underestimate the physicality.

"There’s still a lot of blocking, a lot of moving your body around other people, protecting your players," Steed explained. "When you’re going for that flag, you are going for that flag. Nothing can stop you. If you don’t commit, you’re going to swing and miss."

The school district, with backing from the Dallas Cowboys and Nike, hopes the sport will be adopted statewide as a recognized Title IX activity.

Assistant coach Alexus White is a Paschal High School alum. She's excited to be a part of history.

"Everybody comes together from all different sports, whether they played soccer or basketball or didn’t play anything at all, and they all come together as one team. It’s really unifying and a great time," White said.

"The girls, I don’t think they quite understand yet historically what this means for starting the program in Texas," Killough added.

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