Girl with special needs bitten by student on school bus

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Photo credit: Lynn Waldron

The mother of a girl with a developmental disability in Wisconsin who was bitten several times by a student on her school bus is speaking out. 

Lynn Waldron's 10-year-old daughter, Lillian, is developmentally delayed and non-verbal, so she signs to communicate.

On Monday, Waldron said Lillian came home from school upset and holding her arm.

"She was very agitated and not calming down so I thought a nice warm bath would help her," Waldron wrote in a post on Facebook.

When she took off her shirt, that's when Waldron discovered her daughter's horrifying injuries.

"Over 9 bite marks all bruised covering her upper arm and shoulder. She was crying and holding her arm still. I took pictures, checked in her backpack, phoned my mom, called the police and I took her to the hospital. No child deserves this."

Waldron tells Fox 35 that security footage from the Lamers Bus Lines school bus was viewed by the principal of Langlade Elementary School where Lillian attends. 

"Her principal watched it and said it was gruesome to watch." 

A girl on the bus was identified as the attacker. Waldron said that Lillian has returned to school, but is now traumatized and scared of riding the bus.

Waldron believes this could have been avoided if an adult was watching over the kids on the bus.

"I want changes to be made," Waldron said. "So other children do not need to go through what my daughter Lillian has."