General Motors workers in Arlington join nationwide strike

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Workers at the Arlington General Motors plant join tens of thousands of others on strike after their union failed to reach a deal with the automaker.

Workers at the Arlington General Motors plant are on strike along with others across the country.

Around 49,000 GM employees in the United Auto Workers union went on strike at midnight. It’s the first nationwide strike since 2007.

Both sides have been meeting for months to reach a deal for another four-year contract but so far have not settled on an agreement.

GM said it created more than 5,000 jobs and has invested in its team to improve wages over the years. The UAW has concerns about pay, healthcare, job security and some benefits.

The union has been firm on the changes those employees want to see.

On Monday morning, several people lined the entrance of the Arlington plant. Many were out before daylight.

“We made a lot of concessions when General Motors went through bankruptcy and we are in here every day working long hours and helping turn this company around to make record profits. We just want them to be fair and sustain a nice middle-class way of life,” said Terry Valenzuela, president of UAW 276.

The workers are planning to picket throughout the day.

They said they are being told not to speak to the media.