Garland suspect killed while trying to rob couple

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A man shot and killed a robber her met online in Garland.

It happened Sunday night as a couple was sitting outside of their home on Hawaii Drive. They were waiting for a man they met online who was supposed to sell them a camera.

When he showed up, the couple said he was wearing a mask and tried to rob them at gunpoint.

The homeowner had a gun and shot the masked suspect, killing him.

Police urged caution when arranging sales over the internet.

“There are safe zones, exchange zones that are designed for these types of meets so that all parties can actually feel comfortable while they make their exchange. The reality is if people don’t want to go to a police department or an official exchange zone, that’s probably somebody you don’t want to do business with,” said Lt. Pedro Barineau with the Garland Police Department.

Police are still investigating but do not believe the homeowners will face any charges.