Funeral procession for former Congressman Ralph Hall held in Rockwall

The city of Rockwall said a final farewell to longtime Congressman Ralph Hall.

The oldest member ever of the U.S. House of Representatives died last week at the age of 95 at his home in Rockwall.

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Hall served 34 years in Congress representing North Texas.

He was elected in 1980 when he was a Democrat. Hall later changed to the Republican party.

As much as he is a legend nationwide, in Rockwall, he is family.

“I don't think he fully realized the impact he had on this community," Rockwall resident Ron Smith said.

"He's a long-standing member of our community. Very well-respected man. Did a lot for people. Didn't ask a lot in return," Chris Byrd added.

With hands over hearts, flags waving, and deep sighs from some, Hall's hometown community paid their final respects to their representative.

It was even emotional for those who never knew him.

"We want our kids to realize that when somebody serves their life for us, that we need to pay our respects," Carrie Byrd said.

"Even if you can't make it to the funeral, looking around here, most citizens feel the need to come out and pay their last respects," Smith said.

Damon Earnheart did know him personally. His mother, a hairdresser, rented a space from him in the Hall Building in downtown Rockwall. He says Hall never raised her rent.

"She'd see him on TV and brag about his haircut," Earnheart said.

Ray LeRoy went to the funeral at First United Methodist Church.

He said Hall always treated everyone like family.

"He was a great man who served his people, his community. Loved his country," LeRoy said.

"It helps console them a little bit to show that they are loved in the community even though they may not know all of these folks. Their community loves them," Chris Byrd added.