Funds restored to nation's oldest U.S. veteran's bank account

Volma Overton confirmed with FOX7 that Richard Overton's funds have been restored by Bank of America.

This comes after Richard Overton, the nation's oldest WWII veteran fell victim to identity theft. Overton's family members said the amount stolen from his personal bank account was a considerable amount.

Volma Overton, Richard Overton’s cousin said the family was making a deposit into his personal account Wednesday when they realized it was empty. Overton's bank statements showed withdraws from Treasure Direct a website run by the Bureau of Fiscal Services.

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Volma said the bank told him thieves made an account with treasury direct and found seven withdraws taken over the course of several months.

"We were broken hearted and lost just thinking about it like how can someone do Richard like this," said Volma.  "When we found out that this money was used to buy savings bonds and we'd look at each other like savings bonds? Knowing that we had nothing to do with that and Richard had nothing to do with that but somebody else did."

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Volma said they have yet to file a police report but they are working with an investigator to find the person responsible but the bank is taking care of the fraudulent transactions so no money will be missing from Overton's account.