Frisco police release dash cam video of 2017 crash involving Ezekiel Elliott after lawsuit filed

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The Frisco Police Department has released the dash camera video related to a crash involving Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott back in January 2017.

FOX4 initially requested the video from police shortly after the wreck, but it was only released more than two years later, after the police department was named in an amended lawsuit claiming responding officers conspired with the Cowboys to minimize the severity of the crash.

It's a claim Frisco PD strongly denies.

The dash cam video from the morning of January 11, 2017, shows a Frisco police officer pulling up to the intersection of Gaylord and Dallas Parkway, where a black SUV ran a red light and collided with a BMW that had the right of way.

A security guard who happened to be nearby told the officer that the driver of the SUV was Ezekiel Elliott.

“Ezekiel Elliott,” the security guard said. “I'm not going to be silly and ask for an autograph.”

The Frisco PD officer then spoke with Elliott and the driver of the BMW, Ronnie Hill.

Both men were seen on the dash cam video walking around near the vehicles.

The officer asked them if the cars could be moved out of the intersection, but it wasn’t possible.

“It won't even, it won't even turn, huh? Okay, we'll just get a tow for you,” the officer said.

Minutes later, Elliott's running back coach, Gary Brown, showed up.

The first tow truck arrived shortly after, followed by another Frisco police officer.

His dash camera provided a different angle.

The officers are then seen assessing the damage.

“You have two well-made vehicles. The damage, I mean, it's minor in comparison to had it been a Toyota ... I know, right?” the officers said while assessing the damage.

“It was characterized as a fender bender, and we determined it was not a fender bender,” said Larry Friedman, who represents the driver of the BMW, Ronnie Hill.

In an amended lawsuit filed Tuesday, Friedman claims the Dallas Cowboys conspired with the Frisco Police Department to “cover up the severity of the accident to assure that Elliott’s health would not be placed in question before their playoff game."

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It's an allegation Frisco PD strongly denies, and police released the dash cam video one day after the lawsuit was filed.

[REPORTER: “What benefit do you feel Frisco PD would have to conspire with the Dallas Cowboys with Zeke being able to play or not?”] “Unfortunately, we give our entertainers a lot of leeway in this society, and I believe they gave Mr. Elliott too much leeway based on his conduct that caused this accident.”

During the course of the approximately 40-minute video, the officers only have brief conversations with Elliott and Hill.

It appears one officer was only vaguely aware of the Cowboys’ star running back, and the other didn't seem to know him at all.

“I don't watch football,” one officer said.

“I don't either,” the other officer responded.

“What was his name again? Something Elliott?” the officer said.

“Ezekiel,” the other officer responded.

“Ezekiel, like the bread or the guy from the Bible?” the officer said.

“Like from the Bible,” responded the other officer.

Then there's the issue of money. The lawsuit is seeking at least $20 million in damages.

Friedman was asked if Hill declined medical treatment on scene, and if he was seen walking around assessing the damage after the accident, where do the medical expenses come from?

“Obviously, my client was stunned at the time. He had no idea of the extent of the neurological damages that were occurred,” Friedman responded.

Friedman further elaborated on that point, saying the symptoms of neurological damage did not appear until days later, and his client has not been able to return to work.

Friedman also says he is trying to get a deposition from Elliott as part of the case.

Neither Elliott, nor the Dallas Cowboys have commented on the lawsuit.