Frisco ISD approves longer school days for shorter school year

Frisco school leaders voted unanimously to make the school day 10 minutes longer to have a shorter school year next year.

The decision the school board is making comes down to less than a dozen minutes a day, but board members are being thoughtful about how that could change a day for a student.

Frisco ISD board members voted unanimously to extend school days by 10 minutes for all students for the school year. This will shorten the school year by three days. Teachers’ days and their pay will remain the same. The school year will be over by Memorial Day.

The district factored in school testing days, staff training days and the amount of time they’re required to teach in a year, according to the state.

One option is to break up those 10 minutes by starting the school day five minutes earlier and ending the school day five minutes later.

A spokesperson for the district said that there has been a desire from parents to end school before Memorial Day.

The changes do not go into effect until the 2020/2021 school year. The goal is that this would be a permanent shift to ending the school year before Memorial Day every year.