Frisco Family Services helps give Thanksgiving meals to those in need

Some North Texans came together Saturday to make Thanksgiving special for families in need.

Even before Thanksgiving, many people are already thinking about what they're grateful for.

Something as simple as being able to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal is one of those things.

“They do everything they can to make you know that you're welcome to what they have to give us, and it's just, it's beautiful," Sonya Johnson said.

Frisco Family Services is helping those faced with tough situations.

On Saturday, as part of its Thanksgiving meal program, volunteers handed out turkeys with all the trimmings, giving special meaning to the holiday.

"It was really hard for us at first, you know. We used to be on the other side, where we gave boxes and boxes for Thanksgiving, and we gave boxes and shoes and clothes for Christmas, and we came to Texas. It’s not been an easy journey, but God has had somebody here for us too, and I’m so grateful," Johnson added.

Donations are fueled by the community as a way to give back.

A drive-thru was set up for 250 qualified clients living in Frisco, or part of Frisco ISD.

“There are people right here, local, seniors, children, folks in crisis. That is who we serve. Bright and shiny Frisco. Great place to live, work, and play, but hunger still does exist right here," said Joni Klarin, director of strategy for Frisco Family Services.

One by one, they were greeted by volunteers, cars were loaded, and then off they went.

It’s as meaningful for those who serve.

That's why the alumni chapter for Sigma Gamma Rho sorority keeps coming back.

It's their fifth year volunteering, and they make it fun.

"We started a challenge where we get cars in and out in 22 seconds,” said Latisha Brandon. “That's because it's been so many people. so we typically try to beat our time."

Trying to spread joy each second they get.