Freezing temperatures lead to many frozen pipes in North Texas

The very cold weather has many North Texans dripping the faucets just hoping to prevent frozen pipes. For others, it’s too late.

State Farm Insurance said residents across North Texas reported frozen pipes on Monday. And with temperatures expected well below the freezing mark for at least the next 24 hours, it’s something many homeowners may have to contend with.

Only a dribble flowed out of the faucets at the Juma family’s home in Plano Monday afternoon. The family returned home from a New Year’s party early in the morning to find their water was not working.

“We just heard this gurgling sound and when you turned on the tap it sounded like there was some crunching. And we realized the pipes had most likely frozen,” Jay Juma said.

The toilets also weren’t flushing and no one could take a shower. A plumber tried to defrost the pipes with a blow dryer but it didn’t work. So the family decided to stay in a hotel until the water is back on.

They’re not the only ones dealing with the issue. The city of Plano said meters froze on eight homes where a water line was being replaced. They didn’t yet have protective boxes on them.

State Farm recommends people trickle hot and cold water and even open cabinet doors to allow heat near their pipes. When trying to thaw frozen pipes, always avoid an open flame.

According to the Insurance Institute, the average claim for damage due to frozen pipes runs around $5,000.