Fort Worth using E-Water to clean police, fire department vehicles

The city of Fort Worth has another tool in the fight against COVID-19; a disinfectant solution, and the key ingredient is electricity.

It’s called E-Water. A local cleaning company is producing it.

That company, Maid Brigade, is donating supplies to the city.

The police and fire departments are using the cutting edge mixture to clean their vehicles.

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The CDC approved formula is vigorously mixed in a special machine, which ionizes it.

The result is hypochlorous acid, the same thing our white blood cells produce to fight bacteria and infection.

E-Water kills any pathogen it comes in contact with.

"We apply this to different surfaces. Vehicles especially is what we're using it for,” Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus. “When we transport someone, we don't have to worry if that person is COVID-19 positive or has some other kind of disease. We can spray it down whether they are exhibiting symptoms or not, it makes it not only safe for the officers, but for the vehicle moving forward for the next citizen."

E-Water is not a new concept, in fact, the use of it is well known in Russia and Japan. 

It's applied with a special sprayer that maximizes coverage.

It's never sold in stores because once it’s produced its shelf life is only 7-14 days.

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