Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra hosts first full-capacity show since start of the pandemic

The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra is back at Bass Hall in Downtown Fort Worth for the first time since the start of the pandemic. It was also the first full capacity show at the venue.

The music is back at Bass Hall for the first time since March 2020.

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra fans showed up beaming with anticipation not at all put off by the concert’s mask requirement and other safety protocols. 

"We’re certainly happy with all the precautions they’re taking. It’s very important they do so," said fan Phil Dorcas. "I wouldn’t feel comfortable if they were not taking those precautions." 

Restaurants surrounding the hall were noticeably busy before the concert. It was evidence of the connection between Bass Hall and the economic boost it brings to Sundance Square. 

During the pandemic, the orchestra held performances at Will Rogers Auditorium. And though the venue is not purposed for an unamplified symphony orchestra, it provided a way to continue the art.

For the reopening at Bass Hall, in addition to masks, there were plenty of hand sanitizing stations and signage encouraging safety as well no concessions or coat check were available. 

"To be back to normal repertoire, normal seating capacity, our beautiful normal performance hall, this is very exciting for all of us," said Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra President and CEO Keith Cerny.

The musicians included Buddy Pray, a pianist with the orchestra since 1986. They say they are happy to return home.

"We were sort of in a different configuration last year," he said. "We weren’t a whole orchestra sometimes. There was only 40 of us on the stage at a time and we had to be six feet apart."