Fort Worth student-run podcast aims to start conversations about social issues

An instructor at Tarrant County College launched a podcast designed to share pearls of wisdom with the younger generation.

An idea to challenge kids’ thinking during the pandemic came from Professor Natalie Johnson.

"I wanted to reach out to kids to give them a safe, a spiritual and also a platform for their issues and their concerns in our society," she said.

Thus, the Young Wisdom Podcast was born.

Roughly a dozen eager students, like 8th grader Journee Warren and 9th grader Julian Sims, signed up to work on all elements of the project.

Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes was the first guest.

"I did think that he was like concerned about the youth and the children of Fort Worth," Journee said. "I really liked a lot of his answers."

FOX 4 caught up with Chief Noakes Friday afternoon at a community event providing shoes for neighborhood children. His reflection on the Young Wisdom Podcast was highly complementary. 

"I was blown away with how well prepared they were. It was amazing," he said. "At first when I saw them, I thought these are the leaders of tomorrow for Fort Worth. But they’re leading today by getting out and doing things that maybe other kids their age don’t want to do."

The topics continued for more than 30 minutes and concluded with mutual respect and admiration.

"When Chief Noakes answered the questions, I felt it was a genuine response from him and not that it was scripted," Julian said.

"A lot of people talk about how our city, state, our country is doomed because of kids these days," Noakes said. "Watch this podcast. Listen to these kids, and you’ll see the future is very bright in Fort Worth."

The Young Wisdom Podcast debuted on May 25. The students hope future guests will include some of their favorite sports figures and celebrities.