Fort Worth police officer shot in 2016 shootout testifies against surviving suspect

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The Fort Worth police officer who was shot and left for dead during a pursuit testified on Wednesday in the trial of the man who ran from the scene.

Ed McIver Jr. is on trial for tampering with evidence and hindering apprehension connected to the chase and shootout with police in March 2016.

Fort Worth Police Officer Matt Pearce was shot six times. The man who shot him, Ed McIver Sr., was killed in the shootout.

Pearce faced the son of the man who shot him six times. The officer took the stand to give new insight about the day he and other officers chased the Ford Escape that McIver Sr. was driving. He was wanted for aggravated assault. McIver Jr. was the passenger.

The jury experienced what Officer Pearce saw through his body cam.

The father and son both bailed from the car and were both armed. Pearce says he got in a foot chase with McIver Sr. through a heavily wooded area.

Thinking McIver Sr. was several yards ahead of him, he was ambushed as he came upon a barbed wire fence and was shot six times. Pearce was shot twice in the arm, twice in the leg, once in the face and once in the back.

Pearce says he fired back ten rounds, hitting McIver Sr. who died at the scene.

Hours after the shooting, McIver Jr. was found hiding in the bushes. Prosecutors say he had hidden a handgun and a shotgun he had with him with he ran from the car.

Prosecutors stopped the video moments before Pearce was shot.

The charges against McIver Jr. carry up to 10 years in jail.