Fort Worth man arrested for lying to police that his 3-year-old was missing

Fort Worth Police arrested a man they say sent officers on a wild goose chase.

The Officers were checking out a suspicious person call at an apartment complex. That's where they found 43-year old John Ratcliff. Ratcliff told them he was looking for his 3-year old daughter who disappeared and possibly walked to her babysitter’s apartment.

A police chopper and at least 28 units from all over Fort Worth responded. Eventually they figured out he made the whole thing up. Police say the hoax wasted precious police resources.

"The problem is it pulls a lot of resources because we do take that very seriously particularly when it's been as cold as it has been too,” said Sgt. Chris Britt.
Ratcliff is charged with making a false report. Neighbor’s say they’ve never seen a child at Ratcliff’s apartment. Police have not revealed a motive.