Speed a factor in Fort Worth fire engine crash, police say

Fort Worth police said speed was a factor in the crash that injured four firefighters earlier this year.

The crash happened in early February as the crew was headed to a house fire. The engine they were riding in rolled over.

Two crew members were seriously injured and have not been able to return to work.

Fire Captain Daniel Terrell was in the intensive care unit after being ejected from the front right seat and suffering a head injury. He was later admitted to a rehab center for three to six months of healing.


Fourth Fort Worth firefighter injured in crash released from hospital

All four firefighters injured in a fire engine crash in Fort Worth earlier this month are now out of the hospital.

Firefighter Clint Robinson had to undergo surgery but was later released from the hospital.

Engineer Matthew Schneider and firefighter Devin Kuhn were treated and released the same day.

The Fort Worth Police Department has wrapped up its investigation into the crash, finding speed was a contributing factor in the crash.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said it accepts that finding but will conduct its own internal probe as it weighs possible policy changes.

(Source: Fort Worth Fire Department)

"As Fire Chief, it is my responsibility to assure the men and women of our organization have the opportunity to go home safe at the end of their shift and that did not happen on February 6th," said Fire Chief Jim Davis. "The Fort Worth Fire Department now has the responsibility to complete their review and investigation with an open and transparent approach. We will examine our existing policies and practices to determine if they were adequate or if additional training, policy change, and/or accountability needs to be addressed. We take these responsibilities seriously."

That investigation is expected to be finished by the end of August.