Fort Worth-based Lockheed Martin delivers controversial fighter plane to Turkey

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Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth made a controversial but profitable delivery – the first F-35 fighter to Turkey.

Turkey is a NATO member and United States ally. It is also buying a Russian air defense system.

Some Senators worry Russia will take advantage of that to learn some of the plane’s high-tech secrets. The Senate voted to stop future deliveries to Turkey.

“We are hoping that this aircraft and also our partner nation’s aircrafts will serve the strength and deterrence of NATO, will serve to keep the global peace and security and also will serve everybody to fight with the terrorists,” said Serdar Demirel, the Turkish Defense Industry Deputy Undersecretary.

The U.S. Senate wants Turkey to cancel the purchase of the Russian air defense system or threatened to cancel future F-35 deliveries.

Lockheed Martin has now delivered 300 planes to 11 customers, including the U.S. military, five countries in Europe and three countries in Asia, as well as Australia and Israel.