Former Dallas City Council member, daughter killed in DWI crash remembered at funeral

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It was an emotional farewell Tuesday afternoon for a former Dallas City Council member and her daughter, both killed in wrong way crash last week.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Inspiring Body of Christ to remember the lives of Carolyn Davis and her daughter Melissa.

Davis was remembered for her dedication to the community, along with the causes she fought for. Former Dallas City Council member and longtime friend Diane Ragsdale praised Davis for her dedication.

“She honored senior citizens whose homes needed major repairs. She honored the ex-offender, firmly believing in second chances. She honored those with mental illness she honored them with her voice and with their actions,” Ragsdale said.

From 2007 until 2015, Davis represented District 7 on the Dallas City Council. But, Davis was recently convicted in a federal corruption case from her time while on the council.

Davis pleaded guilty earlier this year to corruption charges for taking bribes from a real estate developer. Her sentencing had been set for September 20.

Jonathan Moore is charged with two counts of murder for the crash that killed the two women.

His bail is $500,000. Moore has five DWI convictions on his record. He underwent a blood-toxicology test after the crash, but there have been no results publicly released.