Florida puppy born with green fur: Meet 'Shamrock'

A Florida golden retriever puppy was born with a green coat of fur in Pensacola last month. 

Video showed the puppy, aptly named "Shamrock," nursing alongside her cream-colored siblings. 

"Little Shamrock was born lucky!" the caption on the TikTok video read.

Breeder Carole DeBruler said that Shamrock was exposed to a green bile pigment called biliverdin in the womb which tinted her fur. 

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The pigmentation usually resolves itself in a few weeks, according to a Time article. 

DeBruler also posted a video of Shamrock running on the beach with her sister over the weekend with the greenish fur almost completely gone.   

"The green is almost all gone now, but Shamrock is sweeter than ever!" the caption read. 

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angles.