Florida man swallows cocaine during traffic stop, deputies say | 'Could have died'

A Florida man desperate to hide drugs chose to swallow cocaine he had in his possession during a traffic stop Tuesday night, according to deputies. 

Flagler County deputies said Leslie Brock swallowed the drugs as deputies were trying to pull him over for a traffic infraction. 

When deputies approached the driver's side of the vehicle, deputies spotted a torn open baggie on his lap with small white flakes consistent with cocaine on his shorts. 

The Flagler Sheriff's Office shared body camera video of the arrest, which showed Brock refusing to step out of the car multiple times when asked. 

"Step out of the car," a deputy is heard saying. "What I did, though," Brock replied. 

Deputies ultimately removed Brock from the car and placed him in handcuffs.

At the scene, they tested the flakes found in his car which were presumptive positive for cocaine, officials said.

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Leslie Brock is asked multiple times to step out the vehicle by Flagler County deputies. (Credit: Flagler Sheriff's Office)

Brock was also seen spitting out a white substance. 

"So you found cocaine on me, bro," Brock asked. "It's in your spit," the deputy replied. 

Brock was taken to a hospital in Palm Coast for treatment after ingesting a large amount of narcotics.

"This poison peddler could have died while attempting to conceal his narcotics by swallowing them," Sheriff Rick Staly said in a statement. "If you get caught with illegal narcotics don’t make things worse by swallowing them. He is lucky to be alive and will be heading to the Green Roof Inn once he is released from the hospital." 

As of Wednesday morning, Brock is still in the hospital pending medical clearance.

He is facing charges of resisting arrest, possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence.