Flooded Dallas Love Field parking garage drained

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The lowers levels of the parking garages at Dallas Love Field Airport have been drained after heavy storms overnight Tuesday left some vehicles underwater.

The city of Dallas is looking into whether a blockage in the stormwater drainage system at Love Field caused the flooding.

The water has been removed from where dozens of cars were submerged in parking Garages A and B after about three inches of rain fell.

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Travelers who parked in those garages will have to call a private towing service to remove their vehicles.

One traveler whose car was underwater said it is hard to put a price on his loss.

“Moreso it is a car that has sentimental value, not so much the actual car. My uncle passed away eight years ago. I'll deal with it,” said Rashad Phillips, whose car was damaged by the water.

Drivers are also being told to file a claim with their insurance and make a report with the city of Dallas Risk Management.